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There has been an increasing demand in health care provisions in response to these adjustments in policies have been made in health sector that called for approaches in the development of community health care services. Health care providers felt that there was need for…
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Nursing research community assessment paper
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Download file to see previous pages Community health nursing aims at ensuring that the individual, families and community can assess high standards of holistic health care services. This is viable through promoting health care lifestyles through education, public awareness and community activities (Clark, M.J.2003). This paper is inclined towards exposing a critical review of community nursing with a bias in Clearfield County.
The community of study is Clearfield County the fourth largest county in the state of Pennsylvania .Clearfield covers an area of 1,143 square miles situated in the centre of Pennsylvania on the western slopes of Allegheny Mountains. According to 2000 population census it had a population of 83,382. Clearfield has a total population of 83,382 consisting of 41,741 male and 41,462 female. Majority who live in rural areas. The average household income is $30,176 and 12.5 percent of this population lives below the poverty line majority of who are between the ages of 18-64. Population distributed according to racial grounds but mainly speak English language. Largely the population consists of white that covers 97.4 percent, then other race like the Africa America covers 1.5%, American Indian 0.1%, Asian 0.3%, Latino 0.6%, and other races take up to 0.3%. The main economic activities consist of farming, lumbering, mining clay and coal, forestry, wildlife and railroading. There are a variety of occupations in Clearfield. For instance many are involve in management sector covering 23.1%, sales and office 15.3%, forestry/ fishing0.9%, construction 11.7%, production 24.1% and service industry 15.3% (US. Census Bureau. 2004).
Majority of the population live in the rural areas and practice lumbering and farming. In 1920 lumbering reduced and Clearfield residents engaged in mining of coal and clay. Unemployment and birth rate are very high for example, in 2000 alone it 9.9 and 9.6 respectively. Whereas the death rate was 11.3 in every 1000 people (Clark, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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