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My Inspirational Designers - Essay Example

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He is casually called Jony Ive. Sometimes he is mistakenly referred as Jonathan Ives. He is British by birth. He was born in London in 1967 and grew up…
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My Inspirational Designers
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Download file to see previous pages During these days he commercialized his skills by creating different types of products like combs, power tools, televisions, ceramics etc. he designed modern toilets for companies under influence from marine biology books. Jonathan was fascinated with the activity of constructing objects as well as taking them apart right from his childhood. He is remembered for his products that he has created at Apple computers particularly the I-pod and the I-phone. Now he is based in California and pursues the art and activity of making very interesting electronic models.
Frustrated with working as an external consultant, in 1992, he moved to California to join Apple computers. He joined the design team as a full time member. During his entry into Apple, the company was in a low profile. Steve Jobs was out and there was a legal battle going on over patent rights with Windows. Apple was fast losing its ground to Windows and also was unprofitable.
In the year 1997, Steve Jobs returned and Jonathan was appointed senior vice president, design of Apple. Under the new job, he began a period characterized with unrivalled creativity as well as innovations. The company launched the iMac G3 under the influence of Jonathan. This launch is widely regarded as the rebirth of Apple. From this model onwards nothing could stop both Jonathan and Apple in launching new and improved products in the market with great effect. They launched the iBook as well as the power book within a short span of time. The various designs of Jonathan always bring refreshing plainness as well as stylishness.
Many of Jonathan’s products are simple in nature and are influenced by natural objects. For example, the iMac G4 was influenced by the sun flower. The Pro mouse was inspired by droplet of water. He reduces the use of plastics in his products and uses more eco friendly metals. He is a modest and shy person who is reluctant to come into the limelight. On his work, Jonathan ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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