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Interpersonal communication issue at the workplace - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This essentially speaks of the ways under which employees manifest their true basis time and again. They look to exploit the opportunities which come their way…
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Interpersonal communication issue at the workplace
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"Interpersonal communication issue at the workplace"

Download file to see previous pages This issue could be remarked as an interpersonal communication one since it entailed aspects related with the comprehension of organizational facets. The interpersonal communication issues usually warrant a great deal of attention on the part of the employees and they look to solve the same in light with the organizational guidelines. In essence, my situation was not any different and it required a great deal of care and attention. This paper takes a decisive look at the manner in which I took care of an interpersonal communication issue at the workplace.

There was an interpersonal communication issue at my workplace which needed the attention of the human resources management department as well as the top management. However all the employees knew of this issue but somehow or the other, the people who were most concerned with this pressing problem did not pay much heed. The females working in our office were experience harassment issues at the hands of the male employees when they went to the rest room. They found themselves to be in close company of the male staff who passed crude comments and nasty remarks on them time and again. Just the fact that the females had become somber and did not believe in losing out on their respective jobs; they did not utter a single word. One of my female colleagues expressed this to me when she had a discussion with me on sexual harassment issues at the workplace. She quoted an example of our own organization and very aptly put the instance within the related contexts (Kalbfleisch, 1993). Since I had always had some form of hearsay on this subject of female harassment at my office and never had a chance to actually witness anything of this nature through my own eyes, I usually did not give into the information related with harassment. The female colleague candidly expressed what the situation was like within the environs of the rest room and how this anomaly needed to be solved in a head ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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