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Answering 6 questions based on the book All the Shah's Men - Essay Example

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Stephen Kinzer points out that a range of religions have been connected with Iran throughout its history from ancient times to the present Islamic Republic of Iran. Most of the world religions influenced Iranian culture but only the Islam was able to exert a lasting influence…
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Answering 6 questions based on the book All the Shahs Men
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"Answering 6 questions based on the book All the Shah's Men"

Download file to see previous pages Mohammed, the prophet of Islam preached his ideas on one and only God, the almighty. Ali Khomeini, an Iranian political leader, had immense influence on religion and Islamic Republic of Iran. He acted the role of a link between politics and religion in Iran. Hussein Khomeini, grandson of the founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini, played a neutral role between religion and politics in Iran. Religious thought and nationalism can be seen as the common factor which binds these individuals together. The teachings of Zoroaster guided Iran to religious tolerance and integration. But the teachings of Mohammed eventually directed Iran to militant nationalism. The influence of Ali Khomeini insisted the government to stick on to the rules set by the religious leaders in Iran. The religious and political ideology put forth by Hussein Khomeini was against the militant nationalism of the religious leaders and it supported the sense of nationhood among Iranians. Stephen Kinzer points out that: “Before great powers take far-reaching decisions that can reshape the world, their leaders normally consider the lessons of history.” (Kinzer xii) the great powers possess the duty to take proper decisions on international affairs. But the overall influence of religion, especially Islam insists Iran to be an Islamic Republic.
2. Stephen Kinzer points out that the role of the Britain in Iran is that of colonial exploitation. They were not in favor of nationalization of oil assets controlled by the British companies. Kinzer points out that: “The wealth that flowed from beneath Iran’s soil played a decisive role in maintaining Britain” (Kinzer 2) the wealth looted from the oil trade helped the British government to monopoly in oil trade but the exploitation badly affected the people of Iran. The exploitation by Britain made Iran ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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