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In what specific ways can linguistic and/or cultural assimilation be positive effects and negatives effects How can assimilation affect an individual and/or a family - Essay Example

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Cultural and linguistic assimilation into a different community contains within it prospects for both personal and moral growth, but also isolation and alienation from one’s original community. It allows for personal growth by allowing the creation of opportunities and rights…
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In what specific ways can linguistic and/or cultural assimilation be positive effects and negatives effects How can assimilation affect an individual and/or a family
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"In what specific ways can linguistic and/or cultural assimilation be positive effects and negatives effects How can assimilation affect an individual and/or a family"

Download file to see previous pages escribes the “bilingualism” (as in those who believe that teaching young children two languages is necessary) that ultimately changed the structure of his original community. To Rodriguez, his original community of Spanish was a private one, which he could speak in the home. In contrast, Spanish to los gringos is just another public language, and to Rodriguez the language of los gringos would be the same. In the end, although his assimilation into the English community changed his prospects for Americanized success (or public gain), the household “[he] returned to each afternoon was quiet. Intimate sounds no longer rushed to the door to greet me… Once I learned public language, it would never again be easy for me to hear intimate family voices”. And therein lies the factor of alienation that the assimilation caused for the narrator, standing in stark contrast with the obvious benefits of being “Americanized” in the “American nation”.
In Bich Minh Nguyen’s piece “The Good Immigrant Student”, the narrator recounts the story of a youth spent trying to assimilate into a different cultural community, initially struggling with the language. Moving to Grand Rapids, which is affectionately called “An All-American City”, she recounts that her sister and her “were Americanized as soon as [they] turned on the television”. By telling us this, she deemphasizes the lasting effect of a bilingual education, which, like Rodriguez, does not believe ultimately is the primary factor in an assimilation into a different cultural/linguistic community. She says, “Today, bilingual education is supposed to have become both a method of assimilation and a method of preservation, an effort to prove that kids can have it both ways. They can supposedly keep English for school and their friends and keep another language for home and family.” These things the narrator finds impossible in conjunction.
And therein lie the potential harms of a cultural and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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