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Write a critique of the Carter Report: Review of National Sport Effort and Resources, Introduction and Executive Summary, Patrick Carter, March 2005. [] - Essay Example

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Studies have shown that sport has the power to formulate social identity, reduce health care costs by improving the health of the people and that it has the potential to contribute to the economic growth of the nation. However, it is unfortunate to find that the public…
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Write a critique of the Carter Report: Review of National Sport Effort and Resources, Introduction and Executive Summary, Patrick Carter, March 2005. []
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"Write a critique of the Carter Report: Review of National Sport Effort and Resources, Introduction and Executive Summary, Patrick Carter, March 2005. []"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tries to make a critique on the Carter report of 2005 which has been considered as a land mark in the history of Sports England as it made genuine efforts to co-ordinate both the private and public sector enterprises to build up a new National Sports Foundation. In doing so, he paper tries to bring out the link between sport, health and economic benefit in England in comparison with its international peer nations.
The Carter report of 2005 is structured into five sections. The introduction and the executive summary of the main points are dealt with in the first section. Section 2 highlights the major findings of the report and the third section proposes recommendations based on the key findings. The vision and plans for the future are elaborated in the fourth section and the fifth section serves as an appendix to the whole report which offers the supporting evidence for the findings of the report. The report has taken into account the views of a large number of stakeholders in the public, private and voluntary sectors and has identified that the “Government does not always receive full credit for its investment, largely as a result of a confusing and fragmented funding infrastructure which lacks clear accountability and sometimes causes duplication across the sporting landscape” (Carter, 2005, p. 2). For the purpose of the study, the review team conducted both primary and secondary research. They consulted over 200 stakeholders from the public, private and voluntary sectors. The methodology of the review team concentrated on three core work streams of the sport in England, namely the sporting landscape of the nation, international comparisons between England and its peer countries, and the private sector of the sport in England (Supporting Evidence: Review of National Sport Effort and Resources p. 2). The report seeks to analyse the existing efforts and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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