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Persuasive letter - Essay Example

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The presentation that you gave was creative and offered many wonderful ideas. Unfortunately, we will be unable to use your company at this time. The ideas that you presented were innovative and creative, however we are…
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Persuasive letter
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"Persuasive letter"

Download file to see previous pages As well, our budget does not allow for the kind of production that you have presented and so we have therefore decided to go with a different option.
Please feel free to resubmit with us again for next year’s event. We found your ideas interesting and if you provide a stronger application with more research prior to the presentation, we would love to consider using your ideas. As well as the research considering city codes and policies, we would like to see more thoroughly organized plans for building the production so that we are reassured that you can provide the production that you are promising. While we loved the illustrations and the ideas, we were unclear as to how the construction was going to be accomplished. While budget is our main concern, we were also concerned that the process that would give us the production had not been fully considered. We would love to see a similar presentation that has been modified to fit within our budget and that has been completed with engineered plans and potential problems with the city researched.
Once again, while this year we have chosen to use another company, we were impressed with your presentation and look forward to seeing you participate next year. We were very interested in your ideas. While we have gone a different way, we find that the production you have offered can provide a potential benefit for our marketing purposes should you be able to provide a more thoroughly researched project that satisfies the issues that can arise from such an undertaking.
I want to thank you for the meeting we had on Thursday. The presentation that you gave was creative and offered many wonderful ideas. Unfortunately, we will be unable to use your company at this time. The ideas that you presented were innovative and creative, however we are unsure that the city will allow for balloons of that size to occupy the space of the street. As you were unable to provide us with information on the policies of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Persuasive Letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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