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Workplace Drug Testing - Essay Example

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This has rapidly increased the consumption of illicit drugs and alcohol among the youth. As per the data revealed by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services…
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Workplace Drug Testing
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Download file to see previous pages Erstwhile US President Mr. Ronald Reagan stressed on workplace drug testing so as to maintain employee productivity and drug free workplace. ( Many governments across the world have initiated ‘attack on drug use’ instead of ‘attack on drug supply’ as the latter was not providing any better results. It has found that many organizations have implemented this measure to enhance the profitability of the workforce, cut down absenteeism, safety of the workers, reduce the costs on healthcare management and maintain drug free environment at the workplace. Most of the employers have the freedom to deny or reduce workers’ compensation payments, if illicit substance use is found to be proximate cause of employer’s injury.
Legitimate or important interests are required to justify the drug testing. The workplace drug testing is aimed at safety of the employee and others, organization efficiency, reputation risk, employee welfare, etc. Various organizations in various countries in order to reduce the demand for illicit drugs, protecting health and promoting safety of workers and co-workers, public safety and efficiency, economy and honesty of the workers towards organization, have taken such measures of employee drug testing. It can also be justified as the measure to minimize damages caused due to accidents at workplace and on roads. (Drug Testing and Privacy, 1990) However, if any employee makes a plea against workplace drug testing, it is more likely to be dismissed. Drug testing can be justified on the basis that it is been done for the safety of an individual, the public and society at large
Workplace drug testing is a sensitive issue as it arises due to collision between workers’ and employers interests. (ILO, Geneva, 2003) There are several types of testing method, all of which are controversial, but random testing method has always been the centre of argument. Drug testing may raise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Workplace Drug Testing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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