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How to Write the Outcomes Evaluation Section of a Grant Proposal - Essay Example

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The nonprofits have the ideas and the capacity to solve problems, but no dollars with which to implement them. The foundations and corporations have the financial resources but not the other resources needed to create…
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How to Write the Outcomes Evaluation Section of a Grant Proposal
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Download file to see previous pages The grantmaker gives your organization money based on how well your goals and objectives match their own goals and objectives. They are investing money in your organization and programs, much like you would do if you bought a stock or bond. The grantmaker wants to see a “return on investment” in the form of outcomes. Not just feel-good outcomes, but evidence that something has changed or improved because of their investment with you. By the time you get to write the Outcomes Evaluation section of the proposal, you should already have:
Now you are ready to write the Outcomes Evaluation and Dissemination Plan. The outcomes evaluation section of a grant proposal is the most difficult to write and usually ends up being the shortest section. This is too bad, because here is where a non-profit can show itself to be organized and professional. Designing instruments, gathering data, and crunching numbers seems to be a frustrating waste of time for the people on the ground. You or your staff might think: There are so many constituents who could use our help; why do we waste our time proving we are helping? Just look around!
It’s not quite that simple, however. Grantmakers are not punishing you by asking for outcomes evaluation. This data, properly gathered and evaluated, and properly applied, strengthens your organization (Foundation Center 2009). It is like a pat on the back you give yourselves, or constructive criticism you create from within your organization.
It should go without saying, but a reminder is always nice: read the request for proposal carefully. Some grantmakers want to see actual prototypes of information-gathering instruments; others just want to know what you will develop and who will develop it.
Data collection doesn’t happen in isolation; it is part of the process of delivering a service. If your staff is busy working with clients, they don’t have much time to gather 10,000 bits of data. However, data collection ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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