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Findings and analysis on branding effect on customer buying behaviour and loyalty - Essay Example

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This survey research on the effect of branding on the purchasing decisions and subsequent customer loyalty for the product tries to find out how important is branding for customers in buying a product. Data have been collected using survey method. As many as 100 questionnaires…
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Findings and analysis on branding effect on customer buying behaviour and loyalty
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Download file to see previous pages The major findings of the study are given after each table.
Table No. 2 exhibits the age-wise distribution of sample respondents. It is clear from the table that all the three group has 20 respondents each. The reason why each group is made up of similar number is that it ensures any personal bias and prejudice.
This table exhibits the distribution of respondents on the basis of income level. It reveals that the maximum number of respondents falls in the high income group and low income group has the least number of respondents with 17 respondents.
The above table shows whether the respondents have brand loyalty or not. Of the total sample respondents, it is clear that, 55 percent has brand loyalty to certain products. In other words, majority of the respondents’ buying decisions are influenced by their preference to certain brand which they have already bought.
This table exhibits the preference of respondents for brands in their buying decisions. It shows that 65 percent of the total respondents prefer brands as their choice and 20 percent do not support this tendency among buyers. It further states that maximum supporters fall in the age group of 18 to 25. Of the 20 respondents in the group, 11 are of the opinion that brands are important in buying decisions. It is also evident from the table that in the age group of above 25, 10 out of 20 strongly support the argument that buying decisions are influenced by brand preference.
This table is meant to show the importance of product quality as a determinant of buying decision among various age groups. The table exhibits that out of 60, 46 sample respondents argue that quality is a prominent determinant of buying decision rather than brand image. The supporters of this argument believe that brand image is the product of endless efforts of the producer to maintain quality and if there is quality, there must be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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