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How has the sociology of education helped you understand gendered issues in education - Essay Example

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The human society has achieved miraculous milestone soon after the Industrial Revolution. The society has principle agreement on adherence to civil and social rights. The society has designed set…
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How has the sociology of education helped you understand gendered issues in education
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Extract of sample "How has the sociology of education helped you understand gendered issues in education"

Download file to see previous pages Unfortunately, all these social progress appear void when we hear reports of gender bias, and gender discrimination within the educational institutes. The educational institutions and academicians are the beacon of social reforms, the forum and its owners kindle progressive and visionary principles to sustain and developed society. It is discouraging to observe these vocalists of social and human rights, negating these principles in their professional attributes (Praechter, 1998, pp. 178).
The article has elaborated the contributing factors which have caused gender split among the young generation. The faculty of the academic institutions are involved in certain measures which provoke differences between males and females; the steps are although deliberate but such offensive measures are so common in our schools that no one bothers to challenge or restrict such offensive statements.
The sociologists have complained against the curriculum being taught to the young generations; and alleged that the basic differences between female and male society are exaggerated and highlighted in these schools. Such teachings in later stages develop a sharp edge between the students and professionals from both the genders. It is suspected that educational institutions establish primary differences between masculine and feminine in their teachings, which eventually translate into social inequality (Maher, 2001, pp. 78). It is alleged that "traditional gender ideologies and present changing gender norms affect the way gender is taught through the hidden curriculum found within every classroom today" (Lloyd, 1992, pp. 86). The schools are accused of teaching gender norms, which is source of intensifying the gender inequalities, "education is one of the leading institutions that teaches and bolsters the gender inequalities". The research reveals that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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