School shooting and the media , video game violence - Essay Example

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Please examine your example/s through the use of key concepts discussed in lectures and reading material. 
what is violence and how…
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School shooting and the media , video game violence
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1)This assessment involves selecting your won example/s of representations of violence from the news,media, fiction,television, law reports etc. Please examine your example/s through the use of key concepts discussed in lectures and reading material. 
2)about the lecture: 
what is violence and how do we distinguish between representations of violence and acts of violence. How do constructions of violence differ historically? Examinging different representations of violence in music, the media, photography, art and film. 
-homophobic and transphobic violence and risk 
in spite of the historicla prevalence of violence towrds gay men and lesbians it is only recently that this form of violence has come to public attention. 
=Violence follows some very clear patterns in terms of who are its proimary victims. This week we draw a distinction between victimisation and victimhood therea re various avenues for resisting violence: that is, violence is not a necessary outcome of being a particular type of person. For example, we will consider how teh rape scritmight be rethought so that women are not the inevitable victims and men are not the inevitable perpetrators of violence. 
Readings required: 
-Michel Foucault the body of the condemned, docile bodies and Panopticism excerpts from discipline and punish: the birth of prison, reprinted in the Foucault reader,ed. 
-Michel Foucault, "weother victorians and the repressive hypothesis,from the history of sexuality vol 1, reprinted in the Foucault reader,ed. (London:Penguin books, 1991),292-300,301-29.ISBN:9780140124866 
-Georges Bataille ,Sexual Plethora and Death, in Eroticism (London and New York: Marion Boyars,1994),94-108 ISBN:0714528722 
-gAIL mASON, bODY MAPS:HOMOPHOBIA, VOILENCE AND SAFETY, In the Spectacle of vioolence: homophobia, gender and knowledge) 
-Sharon Marcus, Fighting Bodies, fighting words: a theory and politics of rape prevention," in Feminists Theorize The Political, ed. Judith Butler and Joan W.Scott (New York:Routledge,1992),385-402 
-Lynda Hart, supressing the word:Aileen Wuornos," in Fatal Women: Lesbian sexuality and the Mark of Aggression (New Jersey: Princeton University Press,1994),135-154 ISBN:069103379X
Violence is a physical inducement of force that continues to be a controversial topic in the 21st century. Violence has many categories and has detrimental effects within society that continues to be the focal point of discussion. The use of pressure and abusing power itself is violence and is associated with psychology, retaliation, hatred and other human emotion. One cannot ignore the fact that violence is a decompression of an event that dynamically impacted an individual. This paper will discuss many aspects of violence with key insights and new details based on comprehensive research.
In order to acknowledge and understand the true essence of violence, one must understand the root cause of violence. Violence is an issue that is directly associated with emotion and mental health of an individual. Behavioral violence is defined by a force of physical aggressive behavior against another person. In fact, scientist agrees that violence is embedded in humans. A prime example of this is retaliation from a particular incident that had a dramatic effect on psyche of a person. In a midst of a heated moment, violence can be exerted due to rage, anger and fury. Interestingly enough, most people at times acknowledge that they were at fault for conducting this type of behavior. As the author states, “Mr Wlasuk said: The kids who play these games know all about [guns]. Im not blaming the games for what happened. But they see a picture of a historical gun and say, "Ive used that on Call of Duty". Mr.Wlasuk is discussing the key aspect of violence sometimes is used for confidence and pride. Many individuals exert violence sometimes to fulfill their ego and to keep an “alpha dog” reputation which enables them to achieve a superiority complex. These games undoubtedly play a vital role in promoting this alter ego, which maybe extremely harmful when it comes to conflict resolution.

The young generation in today’s society is the focal point of this conclusive study. Youth violence undoubtedly has sparked much attention as it has become an uncontrollable. Research indicates that around 34% of the offenders arrested for federal charges were under the age of 21 according to Federal Bureau of Investigations in. The question remains, what is the root cause of this deadly violence? Many scholars insist that the when teenagers are experiencing their youth, they are going through difficult changes and transitions. As they transition into adolescent, they experience new feelings of liberation, anger and self-confidence. Although that may contribute to a small portion regarding violent behavior, it does give a good indication of some causes. Such was the case depicted in Merah’s case, where he used to play Call of Duty with his wife. Merha’s strong hostile moves caused him to go on a killing spree in which he recorded his killings as a form of heorics. Clearly, that is disturbing beyond imagination to record killings as a ceremonial transition to becoming a false hero. The main cause of this is clearly the prevalent elaboration of violence in the media. Kids are often engrossed in video games that depict blood, gore, and criminal type behavior. Video games such as Grand Theft Auto, Halo, and Call of Duty champion the causes of violent behavior where killing is propagated and encouraged. In addition, violence is often regarded as the “final resolution” towards solving problems. In the social networking age, cyber bullying and violence plague the internet society. Derogatory comments often lead to violent type behavior.

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