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Evaluate the statement: 'A successful advertiser makes sure that their product has been noted, remembered, and recalled, which is why every aspect of the learning process is vital to advertising.' - Essay Example

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The sale needs to be made without the product coming to the domains of the consumers. However this does not mean that the consumers have to wait for eternity before they can actually get their…
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Evaluate the statement: A successful advertiser makes sure that their product has been noted, remembered, and recalled, which is why every aspect of the learning process is vital to advertising.
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Extract of sample "Evaluate the statement: 'A successful advertiser makes sure that their product has been noted, remembered, and recalled, which is why every aspect of the learning process is vital to advertising.'"

Download file to see previous pages However this is one tedious process. It involves a great deal of learning on part of the advertiser – the psychological domains of the target audience, their spending patterns, their recall and recollection measures, and indeed their likeliness to become a consumer of the said product as well. The advertiser therefore needs to be spot on as far as making apparent the message of the product is concerned (Koslow, 2000). This can take place with the assistance of the campaign which has been devised in order to make a sale. The manner in which positivism is manifested through the actions and behaviors of the consumers suggests that the advertiser has to make proactive and consistent efforts to highlight the unique selling propositions (USPs) within the product. The consumers are after all looking forward to discern the differentiating factor upon which their product will be sold time and time again. The repeated purchase on the part of the consumers is indeed the prime motive of the advertiser.
For a product to be deemed as a success within the relevant market domains, it is important that the consumers recall and recognize how the product will create a much needed different within their lives. The need aspect has to be highlighted in order for it to be seen as a successful one. Recall of the product gives it success. If there is no recall, there is little room for the product making it big within the market and hence the sales figures will not be attainable, as are envisaged by the differing organizational regimes. The manner in which the consumers make note of the product, remember it for their later retrieval in the mind as well as in the retail store, recall it whenever there is a hint of the said product category or brand font and color, are some of the quintessential aspects which suggest success on the part of the product which has been presented to the target audience through the advertiser’s realms (Keller, 1996). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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