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Response to the following quote: The African American must run his community up, not down - Scholarship Essay Example

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Nannie Helen Burroughs’s advice to African Americans in the early 1900’s retains its contemporary relevance, regardless of an individual’s ethnicity. The virtues of character, education, cleanliness and self-dependence are equally applicable to every member of our society,…
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Response to the following quote: The African American must run his community up, not down
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"Response to the following quote: The African American must run his community up, not down"

Download file to see previous pages As a High School graduate and Systems Analyst, she has never let our economic circumstances or ethnicity come in the way of my getting the best education possible. She has single-handedly seen me through School, with the help of a supportive society.
I attribute my achievements at High School, including my passion for instrumental music, to my belief that I can set my standards high, and, with dedication, scale any height. The magic of America lies is the fact that the choice to succeed or fail lies in the hand of the individual – not in his community or ethnicity. A good education, the determination to succeed and hard work is the formula for success. This supersedes any accident of birth or racial identity. Of course, I am proud of my heritage. I am even prouder to be on the way to being the first person in my family to graduate from college. However, my identity as an African American/American Indian is just a simple fact of my birth. It is not a determining factor in my life. Similarly, my achievements and the chance for me to realize my dream of becoming an architect, can be attributed to American society as a whole and not to my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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