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The diversity of the concept "community" in the history of America spans beck to mid 15th century to mid 19th century, when African slave trade was at its peak in Western Europe as well as in the New World. Even though most historians in Europe and the United States tend to…
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Community in American History
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Download file to see previous pages The popularity of slave trade was not only limited to North American colony, but also extended to Southern colonies as well as states (Daniels 54). Daniels asserts that slave trade was a fundamental mechanism through which immigrants were brought into the NEW World, especially The United States (Daniels 54). As they were transported from Africa into the New World, particularly the United States, African slaves carried with them their African culture. The African culture fused with others, both European immigrants and immigrants who were never considered part of immigration such as Asians and Indians. Despite not having been acknowledged as part of immigration, African slaves formed crucial part of the community, where they worked in sugar plantations.
As time elapsed, African slaves multiplied through birth. “At the end of the colonial period, roughly every fifth American was either an African immigrant of the descendant of one” (Daniels 55). This swelling number significantly contributed to the diverse community that has become inherent in the history of the United States. Over 10 percent of American people can accurately trace their ancestry to immigrants of African origin. Unfortunately, most historians have simply ignored the or explicitly covered black history. Historical evidence that can reveal adequate information about the history of immigrants of African origin is not in existence. African immigrants basically had no literature that could be used to document their past. However, there are modern literatures about African slaves, written by the slave merchants together with other white participants in the slave trade as well as observers. These literatures are often exaggerations and largely miss the point about the background African slaves. For example, Alex Haley developed a falsified literature about African past, mainly founded on a novel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Community in American History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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