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The Age of McCarthyism by Ellen Schecker - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper “The Age of McCarthyism by Ellen Schecker” analyzes the McCarthyism era in the late 1940s and in the 1950s, where major accusations were made against the American Communist Party of disloyalty and treason in most cases without proper evidence…
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The Age of McCarthyism by Ellen Schecker
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Extract of sample "The Age of McCarthyism by Ellen Schecker"

Download file to see previous pages The American Communist Party’s secret nature of the operation and its ties with the Soviet Union gave reason to believe that the United States faced danger from the communists (Schrecker, 5-6).
The communists in America always faced hostility even before the formation of the American Communist Party during the Bolshevik Revolution. Many groups and individuals who later became opponents of the party were already involved in fighting other radicals. There growing concern about the communists resulted in the formation of the anti-communist network in the late 1940s to fight against domestic communism. Although most Americans at that time brewed anti-communism but these groups differed by their intensity. The anti-communist network took concrete shape during the McCarthy period and had their own agenda which they imposed on the entire nation. (Schrecker, 12) The criminal justice system formed during this period was the most powerful anti-communist weapon in the federal arsenal. The Truman administration by indicting the communists of treason against America shaped the general public’s notion of domestic communism. All the major trials garnered wide-ranging publicity to strengthen the growing belief that the communists were a danger to the nation’s security. Alger Hiss and Rosenbergs who were accused espionage agents were prosecuted and this enforced the belief that the communists were Russian spies. One of the most important anti-communist cases was the Smith Act trial which was held in 1949. During this trial, the important members of the American Communist Party were accused of illegal conspiracy against America (Schrecker, 27). In the Alger Hiss case, the first document that was found was the text of a telegram sent in 1945 to Moscow by the head of the Soviet Intelligence bureau in Washington. The telegram described the activities of an American with the code name of ALES who was an espionage agent for Soviet military intelligence.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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