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MHE509 - Emergency Planning and Methodology Module 3 - SLP - Essay Example

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This is module 3 of the session long project that is about the evaluation of the emergency or disaster management plan or policy. I have researched the web and selected the…
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MHE509 - Emergency Planning and Methodology Module 3 - SLP
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Download file to see previous pages This emergency management and disaster preparedness plan is developed to save the lives and assets of the Barnard college student’s society in the situations of emergencies. This also protects the arranged operation of the college society throughout disasters. This policy will also facilitate in to manage and deploy the right help, manpower and resources in the occurrence of a disaster.
For the critical analyses of the emergency or disaster management plan for the Barnard college I have reviewed the whole report and tried to find out the main weak points and flaws that are present in this emergency or disaster management policy. From the section onward I will discuss these points in detail.
As we study the mission statement of the Barnard College’s emergency or disaster management plan or policy then we will be able to perceive lot of weaknesses in the better management of any critical situation. Here I will elaborate few of them. The main weakness I have perceived is about the handling of that situation. Here this emergency or disaster management plan it is mentioned that in case of any disaster situation will be assessed and then the necessary resources will be made available for that situation to address the emergency. As I perceive this is not feasible in state of emergency because at the time of emergency we have very short time to handle the situation. Assessment and planning at that time will take time and we would not be able to handle the situation properly. In this disaster management policy the main flaw is the lack of preplanning for all type of critical situation.
There is a strong need of preplanning for all the types of situation in case of any mishap. So we can say that the Barnard College needs more established preplanning for better handling of the situation and circumstances. The weakness and failure of the emergency or disaster management plan is the lack of the enough ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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