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MHE503 Survey of Emergency and Disaster Mgt Module 1 SLP - Essay Example

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1. Select a country for your session-long project. Provide an overview of the frequency and impact of disasters that have occurred in your selected country during the past 30 years (the description should be concise in narrative format, approximately 120 words)…
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MHE503 Survey of Emergency and Disaster Mgt Module 1 SLP
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Extract of sample "MHE503 Survey of Emergency and Disaster Mgt Module 1 SLP"

Download file to see previous pages People had their own reasons as to why they chose to stay; no matter what, the clear matter to understand is the fact that they placed that reasoning way before the capability of escaping the dangers of staying in their area during the drastic occasions of the disasters.
From the dates Oct 21, 1988 (Philippines) and Nov 19, 1988, the same storm visited both countries and as seen from the results of the disaster, the number of deaths in the Philippines mirrored with the number [3,902,424] compared to that of the deaths in Thailand during the same occurrence of disaster in Thailand killing only [664] makes a huge defining indication with regards the process of disaster response that both countries use. Particularly, the areas affected by the storm in the Philippines are of course higher in number. No matter, it could be observed that the willingness of the people to follow instructions from the government immediately makes a great difference in the rate of deaths on both countries. Floods and storms had been noted to be among the most common disasters in Thailand and the Philippines.2 It could be noted through this comparison though that the Philippines have an undeniable higher rate of deaths in connection with these disasters. Truthfully, the importance of heeding warnings when given is an important factor to consider on the part of the civilians living in the areas affected by the disasters at a specific time.
3. Explain reasons for the differences in frequency and impact, citing academic journals or references.
Besides the fact that the population of residents between Thailand and Philippines differ so much in number creates a great implication that the entire process of warning people might ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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