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Violence In The Workplace - Research Paper Example

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Violence is not negligible because it affects the employees, the employer, customers and the workplace. Violence has bad effects on people. The employees can have degraded…
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Violence In The Workplace
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Download file to see previous pages is there in the workplace on the basis of a number of reasons such as inappropriate attitudes from management and co-workers, injustice, sexual harassment, inequality, presumptuousness, workload and social pressure. The management and the employer must take preventive measures to control any act of violence and aggression.
Violence and aggression are such concepts that come to the forefront many times because of the inappropriate attitudes of the employers and co-workers. There are many kinds of violence that can take place in the workplaces. The workplace stress and aggression is a reality that is faced by a number of people who work at different work places (Gill, 2002). At some occasions, where the management is very responsive, there are fewer chances of these attitudes.
Violence cannot be considered as a negligible aspect because it affects the employees, the workplace and customers to a great extent. Violence is considered to be an outcome of personal problems, physical and emotional dysfunctional behavior, social pressure, workplace pressure, employers’ demands, workload, inequality, harassment and much more (Glomb, 2000). When an employee acts violently or aggressively, it cannot be considered as wholly as the activity, which is only employee-based. There are reasons behind the violent act of an employee.
The purpose of this study is to find why violence in the workplace place is caused and what are the effects of the violence in the workplace? This study considers a detailed literature review in which, various articles, books and journals are analyzed in terms of their notification about violence and its reasons in a workplace.
This research paper takes into account the workplace stress and aggressiveness experienced by different workers of different workplaces to form an opinion regarding the type of stresses and aggressive attitudes felt and experienced by the employees. This research proves that the workers and employees show stress, violence and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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