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Navajo Nation Water Crisis - Propose a legislation change - Essay Example

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“We must take this opportunity to make our voices heard, to make positive change, and to impress upon the national and state governments that the Navajo vote counts and that we are major players in the political process” ( State of the Navajo Nation Address by Joe Shirley,…
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Navajo Nation Water Crisis - Propose a legislation change
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Extract of sample "Navajo Nation Water Crisis - Propose a legislation change"

Download file to see previous pages Speaker, Lawrence T. Morgan of the 21st Navajo Nation Council seeks to focus the attention of the Council on the need to enact a new piece of legislation to remedy a long-time anomaly in the Navajo area, i.e. convenient access to safe and affordable drinking water.
The Navajo Nation is a semi-autonomous region of Native Americans and is spread in the northeastern Arizona, southeastern Utah and northwestern New Mexico, covering just 26,000 square miles of territory. Its unique position of being the largest Native American jurisdiction in the USA, gives it a heightened importance both as a semi-autonomous region and a culturally distinct entity. Thus in the eyes of the external world, it’s a very important civilization with a dynamic cultural dimension.
Human existence and survival has been facilitated much more by the presence of water and this need is just second only to the air that humans breathe. Through centuries of human settlement expansion, the available amount of pure drinking water has been depleted and right now sources of such natural drinking water have naturally shrunk to a few spread over a large expanse of the territory. The Navajo Nation is not immune to this creeping problem either. Right now many people in the Nation have to travel considerable distances to fetch drinking water (DeZuane, 1996). Apart from the hazards involved there are such negative factors as costs, inconvenience and loss of time to be taken into account.
The relative scarcity of drinking water in the region is a well known problem and so far little or no attention has been paid to possible remedial measures that can be adopted to solve the problem. Before it happens to assume crisis proportions, the Navajo Nation Council ought to actively promote a legislative remedy to bring about a solution. However such a legislative process intended to remedy an existing anomaly or shortcoming of this magnitude requires thorough pre-planning and a rational program of action. As the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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