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Case study ethics - Essay Example

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In the case study, “The Case of Killer Robot”, the author, Epstein describes about a robot, Robbie CX 30 that was designed by Silicon…
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Case study ethics
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Download file to see previous pages on to health and safety of people, making use of stolen code, offering services for the post for which, one is not suitable and capable and production of fake test results. All these ethical problems become a cause for the death of a human being.
The leadership of the company, Silicon Techtronics Inc. also took unethical and autocratic decisions due to which, the co-workers were made to take support of unethical steps in order to safe guard their jobs. The time assigned for the development of the software program was not much and in a little time, an imperfect software was developed and this imperfection was hidden from the users. This essay takes into consideration the ethical issues along with the ethical codes applicable on those issues. In addition, it also informs about the philosophical theory that could have brought a change in the results.
Randy Samuels was indicted to be involved in the killing of Bart Matthews on the basis of the program that he wrote for the functioning of the arms of the robot. Bart Matthews was the robot operator in the firm. Due to the malfunctioning of the robot, Matthews was put to death. The robot moved its hands violently due to which, Matthews’ skull got damaged and he died at the spot. Randy Samuels was accused because it was analyzed that he made use of the coding language erroneously and carelessly.
Randy Samuels misinterpreted the codei due to which, the robot functioned wrong. The ethical consideration that is applicable in this situation is, “You shall not claim any level of competence that you do not possess. You shall only offer to do work or provide a service that is within your professional competence.”ii When Samuel was not fully sure about his competence and experience, he should not have offered his services for programming. He should have assessed his knowledge and expertise for programming. The resulting death of Matthews indicates that Samuels had not made use of his programming before and he was not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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