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Nobody can claim that they are free from stress. The busy modern life contributes lot to the stress factors. Stress can affect both personal and professional life. This paper analyzes the importance of stress management in a professional…
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Stress Running Head: Stress Importance of stress management at work place Stress 2 Stress is a part of human life. Nobody can claim thatthey are free from stress. The busy modern life contributes lot to the stress factors. Stress can affect both personal and professional life. This paper analyzes the importance of stress management in a professional environment.
Stress can create lot of physical and psychological changes to a human being. A stressful person can be identified easily. His body language will often give some idea about what is going on in his mind. Stress is a global phenomenon and nobody seems to be free from it. Management of stress requires lot of will power and courage. Stress can affect both personal and professional life. Jeanne Segal, PhD, in his article ‘Raising Emotional Intelligence’ says that “people lose their confidence and become irritated or withdrawn when they feel overwhelmed making them less productive and effective in their work”. (¶ 5)
Though cost cutting strategies are essential in the current competitive world, as a chief financial officer, I would like to bring the board’s attention to the benefits of educating the stress management techniques to our employees. A person under stress, either from the family or from the work place can never concentrate on his works and hence his productivity will be considerably reduced. Moreover working under the control of a stressful mind, can create lot of accidents at the work place which can create damages to the company and other workers as well. Creativity of a worker will be
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lost if he is under the control of any sort of stress. “A healthy workplace provides mutual benefits for employers and employees within a common belief that good health practices by both will lead to individual and organizational self-fulfillment and productivity. Health promotion is the process of enabling employees to increase control over and to improve their physical, emotional and social health”. (Work-Life stress management)
In my opinion a little spending on training of employees for managing their work place stress can contribute immensely to the overall gain of the company. Moreover such training will educate the employees in how to manage their stress in an effective manner which will make them capable of managing their stress both at home and work place. As per Clarity Seminars (located at Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area), after a stress management training course the employees will be able to;”Understand and communicate more effectively with difficult co-workers, Manage challenging work situations with greater calmness and clarity of mind, Enhance personal productivity, Focus the mind where you want it to go, to achieve results more quickly and effectively.” (¶ 7)
Most of the employees are performing below their capabilities because of their lack of concentration at work because of stress. Employees having strong physical and mental health are always an asset to an organization. Any spending on employees training on stress management will ultimately result in the benefit of the company.
Stress 5
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BHS 400 STRESS MANAGEMENT (Module 2-CBT) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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