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Health Needs Assessment: Reading Borough, Berkshire, UK - Assignment Example

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The author concludes that the Health Needs Assessment in the Borough of Reading has revealed certain issues as far as pollution, overcrowding, education, crime, and substance abuse is concerned. The main pollutant is nitrogen dioxide. Education levels are low when compared to the national average. …
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Health Needs Assessment: Reading Borough, Berkshire, UK
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Download file to see previous pages Health Needs Assessment (HNA) is a systematic method of identification of the inequalities and health needs in a given population (Pallant, 2002). It is one of the useful strategies that enhance professional development, identifies community needs, helps in the improvement of the quality of data, contributes to the evidence base and also improves the outcomes of the patients. HNA also improves and develops links between local community and Clinical Government. It provides a base to improve team building opportunity. Ideally, HNA must be conducted with consultation with other agencies of the local community (Pallant, 2002). HNA gathers information that is critical to bring about a beneficial change as far as the health of a population is concerned (Stevens, 1998). It identifies non-recipients of beneficial health care and recipients of ineffective, inefficient and inappropriate health care (Stevens, 1998).
Reading is a large town in South East England. It is a Unitary Authority and hence is called the Borough of Reading. The town is an urban area in the county of Berkshire. The place lies at the confluence of two important rivers Thames and Kennet. It is located between Swindon and London city, off the M4 motorway. In terms of population, Reading is the largest settlement in the Home Counties (British Towns Network, 2009). The town is a house for Englands biggest music festivals. It is also an important commercial center, especially for information technology and insurance. It is considered the commercial capital of Thames Valley. Reading has two large universities. The local shopping center is The Oracle. The town is spread over 40.40 km2 with a population more than 143,700 (Census, 2001). Reading is a borough and though it had some local government autonomy initially, in 1998, the town became a unitary authority area. Reading also has a number of suburbs and other districts (Towns and Cities, 2009).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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