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Though the monarch is supposed to be the head of the state, the ruling of the country is done by the prime minister who is elected by the majority of the…
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Couple of Questions to answer. two paragraphs for each
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England and Democracy of the England and Democracy Though England does not have a written Constitution or a Bill of Rights, still it isconsidered as a democratic state. Though the monarch is supposed to be the head of the state, the ruling of the country is done by the prime minister who is elected by the majority of the parliament members. The parliament members are elected by the public as in every other democratic country. So England can be considered as a democratic country. “In 1215 AD, the Magna Carta opened the door to a more democratic system in England”. (History of democracy) “The financial and constitutional conflicts of the 17th century ended in the establishment of the power of the parliament. The shifting of power over finance from king to parliament was one of the central factors that helped in the steady extension of political liberties. Power shifted from the king to those who possessed money, but economic and political benefits were not spread uniformly to sections of the society”. (Democracy)
Criminal justice system in England
The preliminary duty of a criminal justice system in any parliamentary democracy is to protect life and property of its citizens. It should maintain the law and order of the country. Any intrusion from inside or outside should be tackled by the criminal justice system. The culprits must be produced to the court and the court will take necessary actions against the culprits if they found guilty of doing the crime.
“The Case of the Speluncean Explorers by Lon Fuller first appeared in the
England and Democracy 2
Harvard Law Review in 1949. The fictitious case revolves around explorers who cannibalize a member of their team and the five Supreme Court judges who provide opinions on what should be done with them” (The Case of the Speluncean Explorers: Nine New Opinions) Even though the members of the explorer team did this crime in order to survive, it cannot be justified since nobody have the right to take life since they cannot give it back. This crime can be justified up to certain extent as per law since no other options were left for them and moreover they have taken the opinions of others before committing the crime. But morally their crime is not justifiable. Law and morality have a definite relationship.
Civil order policing
It is difficult for the street patrol police to do the civil order policing. The psychology of the mob will be different and hence specially trained police is required to control them. Force may not be a good weapon in controlling the agitations from the mob. Only a psychological approach can be a useful one dealing with the public protests. Street patrol police are usually trained to deal with criminal groups of smaller number. So they can deal with such groups using force. But the usage of force up on a violent mob may create more problems. It is difficult to control a violent mob since it contains different types of personalities and nobody can predict the individual behaviours. Specially trained police force is required to control the agitations of a mob.
England and Democracy 3
Crime rates
Lots of unreported crimes are there in every country. Most of the poor people may not approach the police if they victimized by some crimes by the richer people. Poor people always suspicious about the justice they may get from the police and hence in most cases they will not report small crimes. So the official crime rates are always less than the actual ones. Moreover the governments often produce false data in order to keep their status intact. Most of the data regarding the crime rates obtained from the complaints received by the police. As mentioned earlier, unreported crimes are compared to the reported ones and the official data will always be far away from the realities.
Only the democratic countries may have better quality collection and analysis of crime data. The increase in crime rate is always reflecting the inability of the government to prevent it. Most of the governments may not produce the actual data to the public since the public will rate the governments based on that.
England and Democracy 4
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