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Popul Vuh/ Diary of a Part Time Indian Comparative - Essay Example

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It contains the Mayan creation story and many other myths. It is generally considered the most important text in existence of Mesoamericans. On the other hand, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time…
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"Popul Vuh/ Diary of a Part Time Indian Comparative"

Download file to see previous pages ce these two works might seem to be vastly contrasting and containing few similarities, they show similarities in theme and world-view upon closer examination. In both texts we find a view of the struggles between light and dark, or good and evil, and the view that those with good and a just cause on their side will prevail.
In the beginning of the creation story in Popul Vuh, the gods unsuccessfully attempt to create humans, making trees and animals instead. The story then diverges into the story of the twin gods Xbalanque and Hunahpu who attempt to deal with Seven Macaw. Seven Macaw is an arrogant, overly boastful, and prideful character, and this is seen as a bad character trait. As such, the twin gods have a just cause on their side, and as such they are sure to be successful. After dealing with Seven Macaw, the twins then decide to avenge the death of their father by participating in games and trials with gods of the underworld. Now we are literally dealing with characters that are more than just representations of evil or darkness. The gods of the underworld will obviously be defeated because in this world view it is the characters who are aligned with goodness and light that are always going to be triumphant; it is seemingly inevitable. Once again, because they are characters with a just cause behind them, they are fully able to successfully accomplish the goals they set out to meet.
Finally the gods are able to construct people successfully out of maize. They consider themselves successful because the final people are able to show respect to their gods by performing sacrifices in order to give thanks to the gods. As we can see, people are considered to be good and just when they are not arrogant, such as Seven Macaw, and it is when people are on the side of good and justness that they are able to accomplish their goals. In the last section, the Quiche are plotted against by all of the other tribes. However, because the Quiche are just and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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