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Popol Vuh Creation - Essay Example

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They were supposed to make sacrifices and bloodletting rituals to their gods. For instances, the final attempt man which the gods created was from maize corn and he believed…
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Popol Vuh Creation
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Download file to see previous pages first lesson and which is too important is respecting and honoring the gods and creators ( Miller & Karl, 1997).Though, humans have been given the gift of animals, they are given warning not to mistreat them. Also from this story about creation humans are given trickery and cleverness as a virtue and the power of mind.
Another lesson from this creation is that it is different to other mythologies in that; Maya has a strong believe that a world can be changed and redeemed if it is broken while the others warn of damnation and destruction for transgression (Sharer, 2006).
The third lesson is that when cultures are faced with difficulty issues in modern era and fear of end life humans should only be strong. In Mayas creation story explains how founders of Quiche noble dynasties who praised the gods and they searched the gods in the world until they found them in bundles and they happily took them home (Garson & Golembe, 1995).
Tedlock, D. (ed.). (1985). Popol Vuh: the Definitive Edition of the Mayan Book of the Dawn of Life and the Glories of Gods and Kings with commentary based on the ancient knowledge of the modern Quiché Maya. Simon and Schuster. New ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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