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Course work - consumer behaviour - Essay Example

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The incessant innovations and technological advancements made people spendthrift more than ever before. People today are forced to purchase beyond their limits and requirements. The…
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Course work - consumer behaviour
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"Course work - consumer behaviour"

Download file to see previous pages Major portion of their budget is being spent for the same purpose. People today tend to be more selective, alert, enlightened and powerful. The traditional concept of shopping has been effaced and a new slogan emerged “consumer is the king.” The conventional shops and outlets are at the verge of extinction. This makes the marketers to put their best efforts to categorize consumers according to their response toward the unfamiliar products. According to the studies conducted on the consumer behavior, consumers can be classified in to the following segments like highly dogmatic consumers, inner directed consumers, consumers with high Optimum Stimulation Levels and consumers with high need of cognition. This paper also discusses the various promotional strategies to be employed in the case of consumers who are visualizers versus consumers who are verbalizers. The essay tries to pinpoint the specific consumer traits of each category of consumers with a view to design the most appropriate marketing strategies for each group.
The buying behavior of consumers depends upon the individual personality. Many factors can influence the buying behavior of consumers. Culture plays a dominant role as most of the attitude s and beliefs of customers are strongly rooted in their cultural backgrounds. A child as a growing individual is influenced by his/her environment, cultural milieu, parents, siblings and all other right and wrongs that he learns from the elders and the people who come into contact with him/her. These factors are most likely to influence an individual’s purchase conduct too. The economical conditions also have a role in determining the behavior of consumers. Marketing strategies and advertising obviously influence the consumers purchasing performance. Goodwill or brand name of certain products and companies would promote the interests of consumers. Social status of people is yet another important factor that has a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Course Work - Consumer Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Course Work - Consumer Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Course Work - Consumer Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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Consumer Behaviour
...regularly. The exposure of Red Bull to the consumers through the sponsored sports activities them to be continuously aware that the energy drink exists as the most powerful drink within the market and hence make them loyal to the brand. Choong, (1998) asserts that if a brand is to make good sales, consumers must be aware of the product. Thus the marketing communicator must build a solid foundation for awareness, for example, working towards name recognition, with simple but catchy messages which repeat the name of the brand. According to Madden and Dillon (1992, p. 473), marketing activities cause awareness within the market but knowledge by itself cannot be sufficient if the...
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Consumer Behaviour the product will be adopted by the consumers. Consumers always demand value for their money when they making any purchase. Companies always seek to understand consumer behavior with respect to product development (Blackwell et al, 2005). Customer preferences change with time and, therefore, continuous assessment of the market is needed. The aim of research is to make sure customers derive satisfaction after consuming the goods, hence, buy more. Buyers’ behaviour is determined by various factors such as attitudes, personality, motivation, gender and the environment in general among others (Folkes, 2006). On the other hand, Blackwell et al (2005) argue...
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Consumer Behaviour
...the household expenses would influence the family decisions. The cultural values of a family also influence the decision regarding food consumption. The influence of children varies with the type of product and the decision stage. Children and adolescents have the highest influence in family decision making when they are the primary consumers. This pertains to decisions regarding vacations, movies, entertainment, eating out, or even clothing. References Boughton, I 2005, 'CHANGING TASTES IN COFFEE CONSUMPTION', Caterer & Hotelkeeper; Jul 14-Jul 20, 2005; 194, 4383; ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry pg. 58 Bravo, R Fraj, E & Martinez, E 2006, 'Modelling the Process of Family Influence on the Young Adult...
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Consumer behaviour
...with the components. New fashion trends involve waiters and waitresses performing as comedians or entertainers in motif restaurants; any quantity of various cuisines throughout the globe; fast courses and slow course; Chinese buffets and Arabian mezze; entertainment and advertisements to furnish the idea of being in a remote location. A few components produce a massive quantity of variations, the explanation why critiques such as Wood is both accurate and erroneous in viewing practices of homogenisation behind obvious diversity. The effect of variety relies upon on how customers understand and appreciate it. The presence of an array of commercial options, merely so differentiated, informs little...
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Consumer Behaviour
...Running head: Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour Metrosexuality “Metrosexuality is a term that was used for the first time to describe the urban heterosexual male, with a strong sense of aesthetics, by a British journalist in The Independent, a major British Daily in late 1994” (Sen) “In 1994, journalist Mark Simpson officially identified and named the metrosexuals in his article "Here Come the Mirror Men". Since then, the market grew bigger and wider, then David Beckhams fame came to its peak, becoming himself one of the metrosexual icons” (METROSEXUAL MEN : Understanding Metrosexuality) Metrosexuality is a term associated with a male individual who have a strong concern for his appearance, and spent time, money and attention... to...
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Consumer Behaviour
...CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR: By number and of INTRODUCTION: Different organisations have been busy in attracting and retaining more customer through various marketing activities. All marketing strategies and activities are devised keeping in mind the needs and demands of the target market. In order to ensure that the marketing activities are able to generate the desired response and results, it is essential to understand different consumer behaviour. There are different consumer behaviour models and theories which attempts to explain and elaborate various elements of the consumer behaviour (Wells, Ponting, & Peattie, 2010). This in turn allows the organisations to formulate the marketing plan and strategies accordingly. Owing to increasing... ...
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Consumer Behaviour
...CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR AUDIT FOR BLACKBERRY PORSCHE P9981 By The of the The of the School The City and State where it is located The Date Selecting Target Market for Blackberry Porsche P9981 A target market is simply a special group of customers that the business aims to bring on-board. For that reason, the business directs its marketing effort to reach this special group of people to win them over. Identification of the target market is the essential element of marketing strategy. Targeting and aiming the correct target market eventually helps the business succeed in selling its products and services. Although, in the definition, we have given a general consideration of the target markets, it is still...
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Consumer behaviour
... a consumer explores alternative brands and makes an ultimate decision. In nearly all consumption decisions, I am extrinsically motivated and deeply consider how my esteem and social belonging will be impacted by brand decision-making. Furthermore, Schiffman and Kanuk (2010) identified that an elongated decision-making process, for the marketer, is unfavourable. Tu and Blackberry both extended the time it would normally take to make high- or moderate-involvement decisions by not utilising communications that were 100 percent in-line with target market consumer behaviour characteristics. This justifies the assertion by Schiffman and Kanuk that marketers should work diligently to create strategies in marketing that will shorten... Analysing...
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Consumer Behaviour
... in the new millennium: Theory, practice, prospects”. Journal of Retailing, 78(1), pp. 17-29. McDonnell, I., and Moir, M., 2013. Events sponsorship. London: Sage. Pride, W., and Ferrell, O., 2011. Marketing. Stamford: Cengage Learning. Solomon, M. R., and Bamossy, G. J., 2002. Consumer behaviour: A European perspective. London: Sage Publications. Wilson, T., 2015. Globalization, differentiation and drinking cultures, an anthropological perspective. [Online]. Available at: <>. [Accessed on February 24, 2015]. Wright, R., 2006. Consumer Behaviour. Stamford: Cengage Learning. Zarrela, D., 2010. The Social Media Marketing Book. Toronto: OReilly Media, Inc.... Consumer Behavior Table of...
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Consumer behaviour
...Consumer behaviour Executive summary The main aim of this research is to explain the concept related to ethical consumerism and to analyze whether consumers are sensitive towards investigating from where their products are being originated. This paper emphasizes on the attitude of the consumer towards buying of an ethical product. This paper also aims to investigate the influence of bad and good ethical conduct on the buying behaviour of the consumers. The study is focussed on studying the consumer purchasing behaviour. Secondary data have been used in this research such as journals, magazines, books and articles. The findings of this research are based on the companies like Primark that are not aware of the ethical behaviour... of the...
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