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First, the best time to study for me seems to be between 9 AM – 2 PM and 9 PM – 11 PM. Though these do not correspond to my energy levels being high at this time,…
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Writing a journal
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From my study guide and the log that I maintained, there are several points of observation that I have made. First, the best time to study for me seems to be between 9 AM – 2 PM and 9 PM – 11 PM. Though these do not correspond to my energy levels being high at this time, nonetheless a closer look at my schedule shows that over a period of one week, I was able to set aside some time for self study during these hours. The rest of the hours were spent in class, studying with others and recreational activities. My energy levels are raised whenever I talk to my parents and am with friends. Taking a nap has also re-charged me. I find that if I precede my study hours with activities that result in high energy for me, I am able to study well later. The distractions for me come mainly from getting off-topic to whatever is being discussed in class. These include mood swings and an inability to concentrate that is resulting in me getting distracted.
I procrastinate whenever I have to submit an assignment and this is because of partying and spending time away from my room. I plan to reduce the time that I spend with friends and instead devote this time to studying and preparing for class. The mistake that I did when I prepared my schedule was to lay too much emphasis on self-study in the sense that I allotted too many hours for this. And, when I tried to live with this schedule, I realized that I “planned to work” but did not “work to the plan” with the result that during the time I was supposed to work, I was distracted by activities like cleaning my room and taking a nap. In the next draft of my schedule, I plan to ensure that I take more part in group activities that revolve around study and assignments rather than talking gossip. Further, I intend to cut down on the time spent talking to my family. Read More
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Writing a Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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