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The 180 Day Plan - Essay Example

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The 180 Day Plan There are 3 phases of the 180 day plan: acquisition, retention, and application. Each phase includes three months. The acquisition phase includes the fall months: September, October and November. The retention phase includes the winter months: December, January, and February…
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The 180 Day Plan
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Download file to see previous pages The overall focus for this phase is to teach students appropriate behavior for the classroom. For September, the focus is on instruction. During this month, students are being introduced to the expectations of their teacher and their school. The teacher's role during this month is to instruct students in appropriate classroom behavior. A management strategy that is essential during this month is to teach only the skills that students need to progress, such as how to transition or how to turn in work. A recommendation that the plan has for teachers is to organize the classroom to decrease the chances of disruptive behavior. For October, the focus is on reinforcing and strengthening skills taught during the previous month. Teacher's should continue to teach desired behavior, but they should spend more time helping students establish appropriate patterns for their behavior. The teacher's role during this month is to review rules with students and preteach expected behaviors that students continue to struggle with. A management strategy for this month is to not only reinforce students who follow classroom rules, but to also reinforce them for other appropriate behaviors. ...
A management strategy for this month is to upgrade instructional procedures and increase the amount of time for practicing daily skills, for students who are not consistently meeting the teacher's expectations. A recommendation that the plan has for teachers is to begin to increase the standard for acceptable performance. Instead of reinforcing students each time they follow a classroom rule, the teacher should reinforce students who comply with the rules in difficult circumstances or for longer periods of time. The retention phase takes place during the months of December, January and February. The overall focus for this month is to help students master behavioral skills and academic competencies so that they can become independent learners. For December, the focus is to help students gain mastery over material, but maintain appropriate school and classroom behavior. The teacher's role during this month is to teach and reinforce independent and self-reliant behavior in the students. A management strategy for this month is to reinforce students who are trying to perform independently. A recommendation that the plan has for teachers is to look for students who are showing appropriate, independent behavior and reinforce them heavily. January can be a difficult time for students and teachers. Students have been on winter break for weeks and some may forget expected behavior or they may not retain material that they learned during the previous year. For January, the focus is to reintroduce previously learned rules and routines while, at the same time, helping students to regain their mastery of the academic content they learned the previous ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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