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They work on almost the same technology but are useful in performing different functions in the war-zone. TALON is equipped with a range of in-built sensors, taking audio, video and chemical search. Amphibious in…
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Technological Advances
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Briefly compare two new technological advances in Military Robotics Weaponry. Explain how this will benefit our country in the future. Technologically speaking, military robotics weaponry in the U.S. is making inroads with highly advanced equipment so that they could replace human soldiers and save precious lives.
The small bots TALON, PACKBOT AND MATILDA are man portable. They work on almost the same technology but are useful in performing different functions in the war-zone. TALON is equipped with a range of in-built sensors, taking audio, video and chemical search. Amphibious in working, TALON is controlled by joystick, enabling seven speed settings. TALONS have been updated with latest technology, as they are equipped with chemical, gas, temperature and radiation sensors.
PACKBOT, on the other hand, is controlled by a Pentium processor, designed specially to withstand rough treatment, its chassis equipped with a GPS system, an electronic compass and in-built temperature sensors. Similarly is MATILDA, equipped with different cameras and sensors.
Big bots like ACER are technologically different from small bots. They are not man-portable and run on diesel. ACER is computer fitted and can be operated by a remote control. It has been innovatively built to be used as a fire-fighting machine. Another big boat ARTS can be remote operated from a distance of up to 3 miles with line of sight. Further, it can set charge to detonate explosive from distance.
Flying bots like PREDATOR are UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), provide uninterrupted real-time data on troop movements, enemy locations and weather. It is fitted with Hellfire missiles.
Robots can help our country to replace them with soldiers where life risk is high. Future scope of technology usage is limited as per DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Robots can replace a human soldier to a limited extent only in near future.
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Technological Advances Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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