The Impact Of Technology On Modern Warfare - Research Proposal Example

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The introduction part of the paper will address major developments in technology, and subsequently link such developments to changes in warfare activities. In essence,…
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The Impact Of Technology On Modern Warfare
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The Impact of Technology on Modern Warfare Introduction The emergence of new and advanced technologies has revolutionized warfare practices in the contemporary times. The introduction part of the paper will address major developments in technology, and subsequently link such developments to changes in warfare activities. In essence, the introduction will capture how information, computer, intelligence, and fire volume technologies inform modern warfare.
Technology in Modern Warfare
Over the years, warfare activities have been diverse and dynamic. In light of both World War I and II, key changes have been made in regards to warfare approaches (Kassimeris and Buckley 186). In this respect, it will be critical to highlight the history of modern technology in modern warfare.
After exploring the history of technology in warfare over time, transitions from one technology to another will be considered. Computer and the internet era, information technology, surveillance, intelligence, weapon accumulation, and fire volumes (Singer 77) will be explored in detail. Use of different sources will provide key insights in this section.
Current Warfare Developments
Following massive technological developments, it is evident that modern warfare practices are more effective and efficient compared to both World War I and II (Chakrabarti 57). This section will consider current state of affairs as far warfare activities are concerned.
Integrating Numerous Warfare Systems
Command and control of modern warfare is an intensive and extensive exercise. This exercise encompasses the use of computer, surveillance, information, target acquisition, and communication systems (Loo 91). For successful, effective, and efficient execution of contemporary warfare, it is critical to integrate these systems. This section will explore strategies, actions, and policies that aid in the integration of the aforementioned systems.
Advantages of Technology in Warfare
The continued use of advanced technologies in warfare comes with a number of advantages. Primary advantages of technology in warfare include faster, quicker, and more destructive combat, nuclear weapons, employment of information war as opposed to physical combat, relieving soldiers of heavy load during combat, use of drones, communication anytime anywhere, and global communication and surveillance among others (Howorth 106).
Technological Vulnerabilities in Modern Warfare
Amid the above-highlighted advantages of technology in modern warfare, critical technological vulnerabilities are evident. Privacy and security of software used by military and related agencies could be in jeopardy if massive caution and protection are not in place (Percy 83). Hacking and other forms of cybercrimes are also critical to the prospects of technology in warfare practices (Sullins 266-271). in addition, surveillance risks and the possibility of intelligence falling into the wrong hands make technology a vulnerable factor as far as modern warfare is concerned.
Areas of Improvement
In light of the above headings and subheadings, areas in need of improvement will be highlighted. Specifically, this section will draw from the listed advantages and vulnerabilities of technology in warfare.
Finally, this section will summarize key technological developments that continue to revolutionize warfare in the contemporary times. In so doing, the paper will make a standpoint in regards to the extent to which technological advancements inform modern welfare practices.
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