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Impact of Globalization and Technology on Professional Development - Term Paper Example

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The aim of this paper "Impact of Globalization and Technology on Professional Development" is to clearly define the impact of these issues on our present and future lives. Moreover, the study provides some recommendations to reduce the arising problems…
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Impact of Globalization and Technology on Professional Development
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Extract of sample "Impact of Globalization and Technology on Professional Development"

Download file to see previous pages As the world has become a global village, it revolutionizes the trend of the whole globe. Business is dispersing over the seas. It gradually dimities the boundaries and bring the people closer to each other. Globalization also requires the expansion of multinational organizations. To achieve better results, it is also necessary to understand the culture of people of different races. Culture has an impact on communication also. Globalization has also certain effects on our personal world that will be discussed later in this paper.
Globalization has increased the impact of cultural values and issues on people. Culture is defined as norm, values, believes behaviors and attitudes of certain group of people; community, etc. These behaviors may vary from person to person depending on their costumes, languages, thoughts, and perceptions. When the people belonging from different races interact with each other, an impact of cross culture issues seems to appear. This usually happens in multinational organizations where employees are brought from all around the world. The interaction between different cultures may lead to some cross-cultural issues. Most of the times, the issue appears between eastern cultures and western cultures. In this paper, we will enlighten such issues (Caetano, 2001).
Another feature that is brought in by globalization is increasing technological advancements. Technology is the synthetic enhancement of human power. It makes us stronger and smarter. It is the technology that brings human beings from the Stone Age to this modern era. Actually, technology is the fact due to which the world has become a global village. It has increased the efficiency of the business. It is the mean which provides a luxurious life to the people and modifies the living standard. But it is confined to some people; it is observed that with the development of technology, unemployment is also increasing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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