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Discuss the stress vulnearability model and the bio-psychosocial approach to the care and treatment of illness - Essay Example

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Good stress is when our body emits hormones in order to cope, like for exams. Bad stress is connoted as a negative reaction because of how it affects our health and well-being. Bad or good stress is still…
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Discuss the stress vulnearability model and the bio-psychosocial approach to the care and treatment of illness
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"Discuss the stress vulnearability model and the bio-psychosocial approach to the care and treatment of illness"

Download file to see previous pages These people are also less likely to relapse to stress induced depression and psychoses. This model also illustrates that biological factors play a key in ones vulnerability to stress, such as schizophrenia from a parent, and the persons proneness to developing the same illness due to this predisposing factor.
Some physicians are looking into the bio-psychosocial methods in managing stress, since this can develop or mimic certain illnesses depending on an individuals vulnerability to stress. Strategies that are being recommended are altering ones diet and lifestyle changes. (Posen, 1995) A recommendation in keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle increases a persons ability to cope with stress, thus lessening their vulnerability and their likeliness to develop illnesses due to stress. (Posen, 1995)
Managing stress also lies within the person himself. Having a healthy lifestyle plays a key role in a persons capability in handling stress. Organic medicine and natural remedies are some ways that people can also try in order to increase their tolerance towards stress (Bashir 2007).  
Asthma has been one illness that has always been attributed to stress. (Wright, Rodriguez & Cohen, 1998) Because of the impacts of stress on our immune system, our bodies become more prone to viral and bacterial infections that may develop into secondary infections, such as asthma. With the increased work load starting late December of last year, my asthma became unmanageable. The stress of my job manifested itself on my health first with a simple cold, then with flu-like symptoms, then allergy, and the last asthma. Meeting deadlines and not-so-good relations with my boss became stress triggers for me.
Patients experience high levels of stress when they are about to undergo a medical procedure. (Arslan 2004). Patients were asked in what phase of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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