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Describe how you would motivate members of the organization to adapt and accept continuous change - Research Proposal Example

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This three-step model includes unfreezing the status quo, movement and refreezing the status quo. Lewin points out that when changing the status quo, there are relative forces that influence the…
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Describe how you would motivate members of the organization to adapt and accept continuous change
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Download file to see previous pages In order to unfreeze these prevailing norms, or the status quo, overcoming resistance among individuals and conformity among groups is crucial. In Lewin’s model, the shift to a desired state can be done by one of the three: lowering the restraining forces to change; increasing the driving forces to get into the desired state; or both.
The change in leadership entails a new vision. And in order to carry out this vision, there are specific steps the new leadership lays out which will be the cause of individual resistances within the corporation. The first alternative is to increase the driving forces. Driving forces usually come in the form of incentive, for employees to accept and comply to change. It may assume other forms, but driving forces are the usual motivating forces behind the transition.
Another alternative is to decrease the restraining forces to change. As change prompts uncertainty, people tend to protect their interests and resort into power struggles. By eliminating these sorts of restraining forces in the form of employee counseling, seminars and educational programs, forces that hinder change due to individual resistance can be neutralized.
In the extreme cases where the resistance is high, status quo can be unfreezed by combining the two approaches: eliminating the restraining forces, and increasing the driving forces. In this way, the incentive to accept change plus measures to lower down the resistance among employees will work in order to unfreeze the status quo.
When the status quo is unfreezed, and employees are set for the change that is to happen within the company, the new leadership can enact the changes. When new leadership entails new vision for the company, the changes that may come can include changes in the corporate objectives, thus there will be changes in corporate strategies. These changes in strategies usually require changes in organizational structure and a change in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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