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Rhetoric & Stereotypes - Essay Example

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Then again, they may be. The rhetoric (or language) and stereotypes which surrounds certain groups of people may plague them or do them well, depending on whether it is positive or negative. The following essay…
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Rhetoric & Stereotypes
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The language and rhetoric that is used to reinforce the stereotype of each group will be described. It will be examined if there some “truth” to stereotypes of these groups (and others, as well)? 
Finally, there will be an in-depth self-appraisal about what this writer has learned based on this.
The following are stereotypes generated by the writer which are not necessarily true but are commonly associated with the following respective groups. Generally, politicians have the reputation for being men who are usually lawyers, liars, crooked, long-winded, all talk and no action, cheaters, stealers, dishonest, powerful, power-hungry, ego-centric, self-centered, and egomaniacal. Tattooed persons may have the reputation of being the following: cheap; pro basketball players; losers; people who smoke; trailer trash; bikers; biker babes; self-cutters; people with low self-esteem; exhibitionists; people of low social class or socioeconomic status; people from the ghetto or who exalt ghetto life or the ghetto lifestyle; following their cultural norms; getting tattoos for fun; being sailors; being punks; being fans of “emo” music; and drunks. Feminists may be stereotyped as being annoying, loud, pushy, lesbians, dykes, whiny, single, organizers, protesters, bra-burners, people who use the title “Ms.”, independent, ballbreakers, complainers, whistleblowers, strong, strong-minded, stubborn, and well-educated. Senior citizens may be labeled as grumpy, old, leaky, sickly, frail, poor, forgetful, repetitive, wistful, reminiscing, mean, doddering, docile, childlike, dependent, ornery, wise, professorial, people who live in the past, long-winded, toothless, bald or balding, frugal, cheap when it comes to money, hard-of-hearing, blind, sight-impaired, dependent on prescription drugs, unsteady, bad drivers, and people who have decreased mobility. 

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