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Text Analysis: Heinekens Superbowl Advert - Assignment Example

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The author of the paper analyzes the advert (Heineken’s Superbowl advert, “Walk-in Fridge”) by using pathos which eludes emotion in the audience, ethos because of establishing credibility, as well as, logos depicted as a reasoning for the commercial…
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Text Analysis: Heinekens Superbowl Advert
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Extract of sample "Text Analysis: Heinekens Superbowl Advert"

Download file to see previous pages Immediately, the ladies start freaking out and shouting because of the mere sight of these things. However, a second later, there are similar shouts that come from the man’s walk-in fridge. When they go to see why the men behaved in an excited manner, they see a walk-in fridge that is filled with Heineken beer, thus the advert. The commercial does not only create personas, but also uses humor, as well as, compelling rhetorical structure, which is displayed at a pertinent place and time and in order to persuade a vast audience into buying and drinking Heineken beer. Without providing a lot of details about the commercial, it is evident that there is an effective use of humor that appeals to a wide array of beer consuming audience (Goldammer 32-33). 

Pathos in this advert is clearly depicted by emotion. The commercial utilizes emotions and humor in order to appeal to the target audience. This is clear towards the end of the ad where the men are emotional when they see the walk-in fridge full of Heineken beers. On the other hand, the women are also emotional when they get into the walk-in closet which is full of shoes and clothes. The advert has a strong appeal to the audience because it evokes a need for the viewers to go and have a cold Heineken with their friends. The advert also depicts male bonding because when the male owner of the house opens the closet and instead of beer the men see beer, some of the friends cry while others show irresistible emotions when they scream. This is another brilliant angle of selling Heineken beer (Goldammer 39-40). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Text Analysis: Heinekens Superbowl Advert Assignment.
(Text Analysis: Heinekens Superbowl Advert Assignment)
Text Analysis: Heinekens Superbowl Advert Assignment.
“Text Analysis: Heinekens Superbowl Advert Assignment”.
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