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Feminist Criticism on Erin Brockovich - Essay Example

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This essay talks that Feminist Criticism on Erin Brockovich the film “Erin Brokovich” portrays the true story of a gutsy, working class woman who literally fights her back from being down and out to emerge as the successful winner of the biggest class action law suit in history. …
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Feminist Criticism on Erin Brockovich
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Extract of sample "Feminist Criticism on Erin Brockovich"

Download file to see previous pages As the report diclares rhetorical criticism centers on the nature of a critical enquiry which is being made. Feminist criticism assumes importance because it is an examination of how existing gender roles are reinforced or challenged through the medium of film. According to Newman (1933), the medium of film is like a mirror that reflects society’s values and beliefs, its hopes and aspirations. The portrayal of gender roles through the medium has a powerful impact and influence upon viewers and can change the way they perceive or embody society delinerated gender roles.
According to the research findings female sexuality is the gender artifact in the film. Brokovich wears nine inch heels, tight mini skirts and eye popping low cut blouses that reinforce the society stereotype of “tart.” Why is this element of sexuality so important in the film? Because of all the connotations that go along with it. The implied promiscuity of the main character could have proved to be a distraction from the important social and political message in the film. But the film is geared to explode the stereotype, through its emphasis on the character’s right to self expression in a manner that satisfies her rather than conforming to society’s expectations of her. The character of Masry, Brokovich’s lawyer who could have negotiated a good settlement in her car accident is dismissive in his attitude because of the male perspective from which he views her – as a sexually promiscuous woman who basically deserves nothing better. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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