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Environmental impact assessment of West field Shopping Centre in West London - Essay Example

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The primary objective of this EIA report is to inform the proponent(s) and the authorities on the environmental impacts expected from the proposed West Field Shopping Centre project in West London. That is physical, ecological, socio-cultural, health and safety. This will assist…
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Environmental impact assessment of West field Shopping Centre in West London
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Download file to see previous pages Proper management of these is important The proponent will use qualified contractors to construct the buildings
Westfield shopping Centre is located in Shepherd’s Bush, West London and is developed on a large Brownfield site which was once the location of the 1908 Franco-British Exhibition by the West Field Group. This site is bounded by the Wood Lane, the West Way and the West Cross Route. This site is part of the White City that contains many other developments in various stages. The project parameters can be represented in a flow diagram as shown in Fig.1
Roads leading to the area will experience an increase in the number of pedestrians and traffic since there will be more people in the area. It will however be able to cope with it since it coincides with several other London infrastructure projects that serve West Field and its environs. These projects include the Shepherds Bush railway station built on the West London Line, a bus and taxi rank on the Shepherd’s Bush Interchange and new cycle routes. There is also a grade-separated junction connecting to the West Cross Route and running along the site.
b) Employment of about 50 – 60 workers during construction, this has the knock on effect of creating a market for food vendors as well as the obvious benefits to those who depend on the workers employed here
The project helps in alleviating office problems around West Field as it seeks to provide modern buildings complete with accessories. It will provide job opportunities to many people especially during construction phase. This will have a multiplier effect with the income spreading to more people. It will open new business opportunities for grocery and other businesses in West Field.
The project however calls for proper management to avoid the waste generated ending up in rivers and other waterways. It will affect the scenic value of the surrounding environment but it will add to the aesthetics of the area as well ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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