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On Critical Psychology and its critics on the four mainstream psychology approaches - Essay Example

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It is a field of psychology that focuses on more innovative and evolutionary ways of interpreting human behaviour. Critical psychology criticizes the…
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Essay on Critical Psychology and its critics on the four mainstream psychology approaches
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"On Critical Psychology and its critics on the four mainstream psychology approaches"

Download file to see previous pages These mainstream approaches are most commonly taught in universities and colleges and more often used by clinicians and researchers in explaining human behaviour (Prilleltensky & Fox, 1997, p.4).
The behaviourist or behaviourism approach is concerned mainly with observable behaviour as opposed to unseen emotions like feelings or thoughts. This approach believes that behaviour manifests as a response to a stimulus. It also believes that our behaviour is largely determined by our environment (Simply Psychology, n.d.).
The humanistic approach emphasizes on the importance of studying consciousness and human experience in order to completely explain behaviour. It highlights the importance of “more individualistic and idiographic methods of study, particularly in the areas of personality and abnormality” (Walker, n.d). It also focuses on the value of responsibility and freedom of choice.
The cognitive approach in psychology focuses on our thought processes, how we think-and how such thought processes affect our behaviour (Psychologist World, 2008). This approach focuses on using the scientific approach in explaining human behaviour. “Cognitive… psychologists attempt to create rules and explanations of human behaviour and eventually generalize them to everyones behaviour” (Psychologist World, 2008).
The psychodynamic approach was popularized by several psychologists. Sigmund Freud founded this approach which “emphasized the influence of the unconscious mind on behaviour” (Wagner, 2008a). He believed that the mind was composed of three elements: id, ego, and superego. Erik Erickson’s approach was also classified as psychodynamic. He expanded on Freud’s theories and emphasized the importance of growth throughout the lifespan.
These mainstream approaches to psychology have been criticized by various practitioners, especially by emerging critical psychologists. They believe that mainstream ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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