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Manon Lescaut, The Sorrows of Young Werther and Silas Marner are influential novels by three great writers, Antoine Francois Prevost, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe and George Eliot. All the three novels can be judged by the theme of class that is quite understandable and clear in…
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Download file to see previous pages The story of their destruction started from their elopement, which was decided because Manon was not accepted by Des Grieux’s father. On the other hand, “The Sorrows of young Werther” indicate class as a burden for Werther, who is unable to endure the difficulties of class. Werther develops a love for simplicity for peasants and likes their class. He is unable to endure the snobbishness of his own and upper classes. As far as “Silas Marner” is concerned, class is depicted by means of physical locations. The home of Silas Marner is the lowliest place while the home of Godfrey Cass is the highest place of the locality but in spite of all the riches, the wife of Godfrey is jealous of Silas and Eppie because she is unable to bear a child. All the three novels take class with a different perspective but all their perspectives are persuasive and influential in different places. The theme of class id dealt differently in each writing. Class is a reality that is considered differently by all the three writers.
The novel, Manon Lescaut, takes the theme of love and combines it to the theme of class. The example of class based society can be taken from the incident when Des Grieux has to make a decision to elope in order to marry his beloved, who belongs to a lower class family. Manon Lescaut is a story of a lover who leaves his noble and landed family because of his beloved. The protagonist of the novel le Chevalier Des Grieux belongs to a noble and rich family and his father keeps higher hopes with his son but with the passage of time, Des Grieux’s father is disappointed as Des Grieux elopes with her beloved, Manon Lescaut. At various occasions in the novel, there are indications of Manon Lescaut’s intention of leaving Des Grieux because of his lack of money (Arnold 1981). He belonged to a noble class but with the passage of time, he is unable to maintain his social status because he has left his hereditary wealth for his beloved, who was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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