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The country that I have chosen is the United States of America. According to a research, America is the largest pollution producing country in the world which is the reason why America is…
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Resource Shortage Paper The problem that I will be discussing in this paper is shortage of clean water and air. The country that I have chosen is theUnited States of America. According to a research, America is the largest pollution producing country in the world which is the reason why America is running out of clean water and air (BBC News, 2002). The economy is all the country is concentrating on because of which the country is ending up polluting their waters and air. The two factors responsible for pollution in the United States of America are pollution emitted from cars and pollution emitted from factories.
I would not say that this is an immediate problem which must be dealt with immediately. However this situation might become a problem for the future generations of America if nothing is done about it now. The political issue of this problem is that governments do not realize the degree of importance of dealing with this problem now. Any attempts that were made at global level were conveniently ignored by the United States of America for e.g. United States of America refused to sign the Kyoto protocol which was an international agreement for the reduction of some greenhouse gases. The reason behind this is that America thinks that if it signs this treaty, its economic interests would be threatened (BBC News, 2002). While the economic issue behind this problem is that if the country tries to decrease the amount of pollution that it emits, its economy might be affected negatively.
One resource management factor that could be used by the government of the United States of America includes putting restrictions on that amount of pollution that can be emitted by factories. This could be done by imposing laws and regulate the amount of pollution that is given out accordingly. Besides this, the government may also start public awareness campaigns which will promote saving the air and water around people. These public awareness campaigns could include informing people of the negative effects of pollution and also the ways that can be adopted by them to fight against it individually.
In my opinion, these resource management factors will prove to be very effective and at the same time there would not be a lot of costs involved on the part of the people or the government. They will be effective because by employing the factors mentioned above, the government will succeed in regulating the two most important polluting figures, the factories and general public.
The approach that can be used by the government to regulate factories could include forming an organization that is responsible for keeping a check on the production processes and dumping methods of factories. The factories can be allowed to emit a certain amount of pollution and after this, they will be taxed. This organization could also provide strategies to the factories of how they may reduce the pollution that they give out. The approach that is used by government to inform people could include giving out public service messages over different mediums, the television and radio. Besides this, the students may be informed about the negative effects and public awareness programs could be carried out in schools and universities.
The marginal cost of pollution chart is as following
The marginal cost of abatement graph will be as following
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