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Using Health Information Technology as a Source of Evidence-Based Practice - Research Paper Example

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One challenge that it can help alleviate is the shortage of the nursing workforce, especially by aiding the current nursing workforce to reduce medical errors, improve efficiency, improve monitoring,…
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Using Health Information Technology as a Source of Evidence-Based Practice
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Download file to see previous pages Among the various health care IT resources that can be applied in the process of alleviating the effects of the nursing workforce shortages are; tele-health, clinical decision support systems, care planning tools, data capture, decision support system, computerized provider order entry, bar code medication administration, and electronic health records (Clark 22). This paper seeks to explore the last three resources as evidence based resources to help address shortages in the nursing workforce.
The electronic health record acts as an official record for persons shared by multiple agencies and institutions. Health information systems that are digitized should improve care quality, efficiency, and ultimately reduce the effects of shortages. The EHR includes family history, allergies, contact information, insurance information, and hospitalization records, among others. Its benefits include efficient retrieval of information, automatic sharing and updating of information where different organizations and offices are concerned, as well as lower effort redundancy (Clark 56). These benefits, as well as others, aid health institutions in reducing reduce the time needed, by nurses, in retrieving information manually, and thus, reducing their workload.
Another healthcare IT resource that helps to combat this shortage is patient monitoring technology. As the current nursing workforce continues its transition to proactive models of delivery of healthcare, remote monitored solutions are expected to gain more ground. Information that nurses are provided with include health intelligence, international health research, market analysis, news and commentaries, and strategic insights (Clark 67). These are especially useful since the strained workforce that work for 12 hours has limited time to attain this information themselves. Patient monitoring services offer knowledge on ongoing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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