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How does Arthur Miller Utilise the marriage of Elizabeth and John Proctor to reflect the events that unfold in Salem in his play The Crucible - Essay Example

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In the play The Crucible, author Arthur Miller paints a tense picture of a 17th century Puritan town as reflected through the marriage of the protagonist, John Proctor. The setting takes place in Salem Massachusetts in 1692 where the religion is the law and the law is the…
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How does Arthur Miller Utilise the marriage of Elizabeth and John Proctor to reflect the events that unfold in Salem in his play The Crucible

Download file to see previous pages... The play opens in the home of Reverend Parris where the night candle still burns in the breaking morning light and is symbolic of the new beginnings for the town and its people. Yet, these beginnings are filled with tension and mistrust. People are gathering and something is amiss. Act I opens at the preachers home and the characters introduced are a cross section of Salem. The characters are infused with the fear and paranoia that runs through the room. John Proctor still has feelings for his mistress, Abigail, while the towns girls are flirting with the sin of dancing. John Proctor is in the room and we learn he is married when he scolds his housekeeper to return home where "my wife is waitin with your work" (22). Proctor also reports that people are streaming into town and comments that "The towns mumbling witchcraft" (22). Another sign of new beginnings is Proctors past affair and attraction for the young girl Abigail, and his newfound commitment to his wife. When Abigail assumes that Proctor has come to see her, she is in disbelief when he replies, "Abby, youll put it out of mind. Ill not be coming for you more" (23). The use of the nickname Abby instead of the more formal Abigail indicates a familiarity that Proctor still carries with him in his heart. The language is stark and utilitarian reflecting an almost biblical tone that signifies the religious roots of the problem. The town of Salem is undergoing a significant change, while Proctors marriage is also evolving.
In respect to the action in the town, and the accusations of witchcraft, Proctor wishes to remain uninvolved in the same way he wishes to remain uninvolved with the young Abigail. Just as witchcraft is perceived as a deep-rooted evil for the town, so is Proctors past affair an issue of trouble for his marriage. Yet, he cannot hope to remain aloof from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The crucible by Arthur Miller
I am admittedly not yet very knowledgeable in theater plays, so I will be analyzing the play and the production from a first-timer’s standpoint. It is a good thing that the play is a widely-known play by playwright Arthur Miller, “The Crucible,” as it allowed me to focus more on analysis rather than in understanding the story.
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I still remember first moving to this home and the rough farmland that surrounded it. The large trees I had to unearth and breakdown for firewood. There was nobody to help me then. It was backbreaking work moving the rocks that outlined the land, but doing it by myself gave me a particular sense of satisfaction.
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The timeframe from 13th to 17th century is highly crucial since many notorious and dreadful events took place such as the Salem Witch Trials, which exposed the hypocritical norms of that era. The play “The Crucible” by acclaimed American dramatist Arthur Miller is based on the shocking incident of the Salem witch trials held between 1692 and 1693.
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Miller became a distinguished playwright when he wrote 'The Crucible' in 1953.The play was written so that Miller could show how the McCarthyism in 1950's America related to the witchcraft trials that were recorded in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Miller wrote this play during the McCarthy period when many of his friends were being attacked for their pro-Communist beliefs.
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The author points out that through understanding of the various types of work Miller has engaged in, it is possible to discuss the aspects of Miller’s work that have made him famous some of which are the reasons he stands out as being an outstanding author. Miller is known for his work as a playwright and some notable works in other areas as well.
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John Proctor’s character changed as the play progressed as the impression that readers have of him in the beginning is not the same they have of him in the middle of the play and even in the latter stages of the play.
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The Crucible
g for his daughter Betty who together with Abigail, Tituba and other girls are believed to have been involved in performing occult activities in a nearby forest (Pleasanton, par. 1). The reverend is praying for her daughter because she fainted when he discovered the group
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The crucible by arthur miller, John Proctor's diary
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