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Corporate culture is defined as “the combined beliefs, values, ethics, procedures and atmosphere of an organization” (BNET online business magazine, May 26, 2008). The first author to define the term ‘corporate culture’ was Edgar H. Schein who said that it consisted of…
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Download file to see previous pages It is against this background that I propose to delineate the strategic vision and mission of Helping Hand’s current corporate philosophy. It is not far fetched to suggest at this stage of my analysis that the management at Helping Hand, has almost foreclosed the significant opportunities that TL&D concept presents to business organizations at a critical phase of its growth process, by not revisiting its corporate strategy. There is an inevitable negative correlation between the gradual up-scaling of strategic corporate goals and a static TL&D policy. The outcome is not only predictably negative but also competitively disastrous.
The principal stance of the Helping Hand’s senior management is that the operating capacity and efficiency of the middle management structure ought to be enhanced through a conventional and often credibility deficient technique of contracting out functional managerial tasks to outsiders who as consulting firms would rather put in place stop-gap measures. Stress management counselling services are performed by professionals who help client organizations to manage their staff well with a view to increasing worker productivity. Some of the latest techniques have been adopted, probably, by the Helping Hand’s rivals. For example, “Autogenic biofeedback in psychophysiological therapy and stress management”, has been received by stress management companies with open arms because it provides the counsellor with a more reliable tool (Lehrer and Sime, Editors, 2007, p.231). At Helping Hand, there is no such innovative strategic drive. Right now the level of staff motivation is at a low ebb. This is reflected in the high rate of labour attrition.
Plans for diversification must be carried out with a total shake up in the existing organizational structure. Additional middle layers of management would necessarily add to the communication bottlenecks that underlie a tall chain of command. As a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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