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Argumentative research paper on abortion - Essay Example

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While an on-going debate has fuelled different interest groups, the legalization of abortion in many countries still face a number of opposing forces that has raised against the issue, concerning political, economic, social and moral dilemmas.
The scope of the discussion will…
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Argumentative research paper on abortion
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"Argumentative research paper on abortion"

Download file to see previous pages gues that what should be socially acceptable as a reason for a woman to pursue abortion should be limited to those like rape, as abortion should be regarded as the last resort for birth control, or not to make it as a resort at all.
As apparent in the Anti-abortion law campaign in South Dakota, abortion has been viewed as the last resort for unwanted pregnancies. To some, the extent of granting abortion to women should only include the cases where women where victims of rape or incest.
“Supporters countered that the law would allow doctors to protect the lives of pregnant women with medical problems. They also argued that rape and incest victims would be protected by a provision that says nothing in the abortion ban would prevent women from getting emergency contraceptives up to the point a pregnancy could be determined.”—on South Dakota anti-abortion law campaign, from USA Today.
To make abortion the last resort for birth control stems from these people’s stand that there are a number of different contraceptives available. However, this is a naïve assumption that contraceptives are 100% effective.
Banning abortion means limiting women’s right to control their fertility. While there are limited acceptable reasons for allowing abortion to happen, this results in a lot of unwanted pregnancies that result into forced motherhood.
On the other hand, pro-choice movements argue that abortion is relevant to women as it reinforces the right of women to control their fertility. This leads to the concept of making motherhood a choice, which when being related to restricting the acceptability of reasons for abortion to those like rape, means encouragement of forced motherhood.
“Abortion is a crucial backstop for contraception, it’s the birth control method of last resort. It’s impossible for women to really control their fertility without access to abortion because no contraceptive is 100% effective, and because women can’t always access birth control ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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