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Ethic in social work and nursing....managerialism - Essay Example

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II. Health and Social Care Workers’ Ethical and Professional Dilemmas behind the Case of the 65-year old Patient in Relation to the Anti- discriminatory Practices …………………………………………………. 3
V. Case-based Illustrations as part of…
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Ethic in social work and nursing....managerialism
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Download file to see previous pages Upon inspecting the patient’s house, the social worker discovered that the house is not fit to live in due to the presence of faeces, urine dirty clothes and waste materials all over the floor. As an end result, the house was full of mice, rats and insects that could negatively affect the patient’s physical health.
The social workers did not consider paying the patient’s house cleaning expenses as an option. Therefore, the hospital paid for his bed occupancy, food and washing to keep the man healthy until someone made the cleaning arrangements in the patient’s house.
For this study, the researcher will discuss the health and social care workers’ ethical and professional dilemmas behind the case of the 65-year old patient in relation to the anti-discriminatory practices. Upon exploring the health professional ethics in the light of the organizational legal and social contexts, the researcher will discuss the proper health care management on how the case of the 65-year old patient should be addressed. In the process, the researcher will provide some case-based illustrations as part of demonstrating the researcher’s personal understanding and informed judgement over the professional ethical dilemmas.
As part of UK’s health practice, the health and social care workers are required not to discriminate their patients for any reasons. (Brayne & Carr, 2005) In line with this matter, health and social care workers should equally practice the law of beneficence to all patients in the sense that all health and social care workers are required to do only good actions that may contribute positive effects to the overall welfare of the patients. (Mental Health Act, 2005; DOH, 2001b ) The social care workers in the case of the 65-year old patient did practice the law of beneficence since they have decided on what is the best way to promote the health condition of the old patient.
Aside from the need to abide with the law of confidentiality (Mental ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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