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History of my immigration or how I got the new life - Essay Example

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Born in Tyver 35 years ago, in a small town near Moscow, in which economic difficulties caused the majority of my childhood to be wrought with one challenge after another. In the Soviet Union (which this region was termed in that period), shortages of food and other Westernized…
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History of my immigration or how I got the new life
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Extract of sample "History of my immigration or how I got the new life"

Download file to see previous pages Realizing that conditions were not going to get better in Tyver, I decided that immigration to the United States would be the best course of action for finding a more suitable and rewarding lifestyle.
To accomplish those goals, I completed my Russian education by attending college while also working as a data entry clerk at a local factory. Five years later, further economic disruptions caused significant changes to my stable lifestyle in the Soviet Union, causing huge financial losses through lost bank accounts, job stability, and loss of pensions in the entire family. It is next to impossible to accurately inform an individual what it feels like to not know where your next meal will come from, however this was the reality of life in the Moscow region in the early portion of the 1990’s. Hunger was a common element of lifestyle as salaries regarding work outputs were delayed not only for weeks, but for years on end, due to any variety of broad economic rationales.
Realizing that I could no longer sustain myself in Russia, I began to explore alternatives, as I had a great education, but no appropriate clothing, no job, and was only 25 years old. I happened upon a newspaper advertisement which stated Change your life and earn money in the process, which was a promotion for USA jobs. A couple of days later, I made the phone call, despite being apprehensive about potentially moving to a foreign country. This singular phone call changed my life entirely.
Over a period of weeks, I began to collect all of the necessary information required to travel to the United States, including a visa and a travel ticket. By June 1, 1998, I was ready to leave Russia behind to begin a new life overseas. Though I was quite nervous about making the transfer, unsure of what I would find in the U.S., I realized that there could be no looking backwards if I wanted to find a new life and experience a better quality of living.
Upon arrival, I found radical differences in the social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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