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Comparing the Relationship between Man & Gods(s) in Genesis & Odyssey - Essay Example

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The difference I see in the translations is in the New Oxford Annotated Bible and the New American Bible both refer to ‘the angel of the lord’ while the New Jerusalem Bible refers to the ‘angel of…
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Comparing the Relationship between Man & Gods(s) in Genesis & Odyssey
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Download file to see previous pages The different translations do not make me look at the passage differently. There is certain sentence and word variations but the man ideas are all the same. The point of the passage was clearly shown in all three translations. My first impression is that Abraham is a very loyal individual to the Lord. When your willing to sacrifice your only son to the lord it’s clearly shown that you are faithful. My feelings of sorrow goes to Isaac, I can’t imagine what must have been going through his head when his father Abraham had him tied down and was about to kill him with a knife. He probably felt hopeless, confused, and scared at the same time. The only life experience I can think of that relates to his passage his the time my dog had to be put to sleep. My dog was my best Pal and for somebody to say she had to be put to sleep for her own good was in a sense a sacrifice for me that I didn’t want to go through.
Checking the context before your passage and after your passage is helpful in understanding the passage. There is a relationship in an earlier passage Genesis 21. Ismael Abraham’s child was let go by the lord leading onto Abraham’s test in Genesis 22 with the sacrifice of Isaac. The NOAB refers to the literature as a story from a narrative point of view. The words and expressions of the passage in all 3 translations are clear to understand. The footnotes in the NOAB are much more in detail than the NJB. The NOAB footnotes are very vivid in looking into his future. For example verse 5 in NOAB ‘Abraham’s promise that he and Isaac will return’ may suggest a faith that God will work out and alternate sacrifice’.
The author’s concerns are to inform the reader to the extent that we have to follow the lord, willing to give up something of great value to glorify him. Important words that the author used was the word tested. It shows this was a test exclusively ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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