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Review the recent legislative changes in relation to independant nurse prescribing.Give an account of the impact of these changes ON YOUR PRACTICE with a particular focus on accountabiltiy and responsibiltiy - Essay Example

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In 1989, the legislative recommendation for endorsing nurse prescribing came into force, and community nurses were able to prescribe as a part of their every-day practice from a limited…
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Review the recent legislative changes in relation to independant nurse prescribing.Give an account of the impact of these changes ON YOUR PRACTICE with a particular focus on accountabiltiy and responsibiltiy
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"Review the recent legislative changes in relation to independant nurse prescribing.Give an account of the impact of these changes ON YOUR PRACTICE with a particular focus on accountabiltiy and responsibiltiy"

Download file to see previous pages t of time management, and incorporation of cure and care by the nurses who could provide more time to the patients in a cost effective manner, within the year 2000, many independant nurse prescribers started practicing after training and approval by NMC (3). This was a success, and in May 2001, it was decided that nurse prescribing would be extended to more nurses and to wider range of medicines (4). This would cover four broad areas of practice, namely, minor ailments, minor injuries, health promotion, and palliative care. Guided by the success of the previous project, it was contemplated that this extension would provide the patients with quicker and more efficient access to medicines that can be prescribed by the skilled nursing force while patient safety would be ensured by restricting the areas of prescription (5).
Legislation did also ensure that the nurses would be trained in the proper field so that they are able to prescribe all general sales list and pharmacy medicines, except controlled drugs. Their prescription would also include a list of prescription-only medicines (6). Their areas of prescription also included supplementary prescribing after initial assessment of a patient by the doctor, to prescribe according to the clinical management plan (7). This extended the arena of practice of the nurse prescribers to patients with enduring conditions, such as, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, or mental illness (8).
It is evident that over the years, there has been a demonstrable shift in healthcare management to one in which nurses have taken on some roles previously assumed by the doctors (9). This shift of provision of care from secondary to primary settings has taken place mainly due to efforts to reduce costs, increased specialisation in medical care, rapid advancement of technology, and reallocation of care funds. As a result, medical practice and healthcare have accepted new models of care delivery and consequent restructuring of healthcare workforce ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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