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Customer comparision - Kohl's vs. Home Depot - Essay Example

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Kohl’s and Home Depot are giant retailers operating in fierce market conditions and influenced by strong competition. Customer service therefore plays a…
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Customer comparision - Kohls vs. Home Depot
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"Customer comparision - Kohl's vs. Home Depot"

Download file to see previous pages Both companies build customer value by offering customers both a wider range of channels, and more personalized treatment through the integration of channels.
Recent years, US retailers have maintained high-speed growth through continuous optimization of its product/service mix and technological innovation. It has also realized rapid expansion through capital injections. The changes are closely connected with Internet facilities and WWW which opens international markets for these companies. Be in one of the most highly rated industries for stability and success, Home Depot and Kohl’s offer an opportunity to everyone who wants to change his home and personal style. Home Depot is a US based company. It is a leader in home improvement retail market. Today, Home Depot relies chiefly on an efficient technology innovation system and supply chain. Home Depot is “the second largest retailer operating over 1,700 stores in North America. The company operates Home Depot stores, Expo Design Centers, Home Depot Supply Stores, Home Depot Landscape Supply Stores, and Home Depot Floor Stores” (Speight, 2004). Kohl’s is a national retailer proposing a wide range of products for the whole family: “our stores are stocked with everything you need for yourself and your home - apparel, shoes & accessories for women, children and men, plus home products like small electrics, bedding, luggage and more” (
Target market of Home Depot involves professional users and non-professional users from middle classes. Home Depot “offers products and services primarily to builders, contractors, municipalities, industrial customers and maintenance professionals” (Hall, 2007). Kohl’s target audience also involves middle class consumers looking for high product quality and good service. Customers within the segment are similar to each other and dissimilar to other groups of customers in other segments. Today, Home Depot orients ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Customer Comparision - Kohl'S Vs. Home Depot Essay.
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